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Why GO Nordic?

Local, authentic & immersive

Our specially curated tours are exclusive for GO Nordic. We believe in world class hospitality and creating memories for life, so our partners and providers are chosen with care. We provide luxury cars and sprinters, with specially trained drivers, and our guides are all certified.

Joining one of our excursions means that your guests will have an exclusive, high-end and often immersive experience with the local people, culture and nature. Several of our partners will showcase merchandise and souvenirs that reflects local and Swedish culture and life.

Most of the tours are all-year experiences and not too challenging. A brochure with all excursions containing information on duration, accessibility, transportation etc will be available shortly. In the meantime you are welcome to contact us for suggestions. GO explore!

It is super important to make sure you work with the best professionals to always deliver the best possible service. Great job Terje Viblom Pedersen! Always a pleasure working with you!
Silvia Lorenzo Rodriguez
Cruise Manager, Cruise Operations, GAC Sweden AB